Sparkling manicures for a sparkling summer


Get ready for a summer full of sun and fun by wearing a sparkling nail polish! Glitter is so trendy and your nails will look amazing! You can opt for a nail polish that has lots of colorful glitter in it or you can just add some glitter at the … [Read more...]


Chic striped manicures to wear this summer


Since stripes are so trendy in 2015, we suggest you try to wear them also on your nails. You can create some amazing manicures by using stripes because you can make various combinations. Just pick your favorite colors and combine them on your nails. … [Read more...]


Nautical inspired manicures to wear this summer

Nautical themed outfit

The nautical theme is very trendy this year, from clothes, to accessories and even to manicure and pedicure. Wearing this theme on your nails is the best way because you will be trendy and also have a great manicure. So what are the symbols of … [Read more...]


Cute and creative turquoise manicure designs


In the last few years turquoise has become one of the most popular colors and now we can find it everywhere, from clothes to accessories to furniture. So if turquoise is one of your favorite colors, than why don't you wear it on your … [Read more...]


Cute, creative and colorful manicures to try this spring


We all have some colors that are our favorites and we wear them on our clothes, shoes, bags and accessories! But what if we like more than one color and we want to wear them all? Well then, the only place on your body we suggest you do that, are … [Read more...]


16 negative space nail designs to try this spring


Negative space nails have become so trendy in the last years! They are interesting, modern and overall a fresh take on what a manicure can look like. The best part is that you can make so many combinations and create some amazing nail art. We … [Read more...]


Dark red manicures to wear at the office


Red is such a beautiful and vibrant color so you can wear it not only on your clothes, shoes and accessories but also in your hair and on your nails. We already showed you some amazing red manicures¬†but today we want to suggest you try a different … [Read more...]


20 beautiful manicure ideas for almond acrylic nails


Almond acrylic nails are so much beautiful and more elegant than the white ones. You can create chic manicures like the French one by simply adding some color to the tips and a transparent coat and there you go, you have flawless nails in no … [Read more...]


Acrylic nails with simple rhinestones


If you have acrylic nails and you want to create a simple yet elegant manicure,¬†we suggest you try one made with rhinestones. It's not only stylish but you can wear this type of manicure everywhere you go, even at school or at the office. We suggest … [Read more...]


Beautiful nude manicures to wear at the office

Having a beautiful manicure is very important but when you work in an office where the rules are very strict, you must also have a manicure that is elegant yet simple. That's why we suggest you try the nude manicure. It's the perfect choice if you … [Read more...]