19 amazing shoes and bags combinations


Sometimes matching your bag and your shoes can be difficult but if you do it right, the result be amazing. The best way to match the shoes and the bags is to choose the same color and the same style. If you can't find a bag that matches with the … [Read more...]


Wear a scarf around your head, pinup style!


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Trendy pink heels to wear this spring


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Beautiful and chic bags with bows from Kate Spade


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Beautiful and chic Rolex watches for ladies


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The statement jewelry is the must have of 2015!

Black and gold

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Rainbow Converse All Stars


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5 hair accessories you must wear in 2015!

Classic hair accessories

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Purple Pandora bracelet


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Antique sapphire ring


Vintage objects like jewelry, clothes and accessories are in high demand now so if you find or have an antique thing than you are lucky! Everybody is looking now for antique jewelry, especially rings that are very previous and have not only a … [Read more...]