Unique handmade baby shower gifts for boys and girls

If you have a baby or you know somebody who is going to have a baby and you are looking for the perfect baby shower gift, then what can be better then a handmade item?
Either you buy a present or you make one, I assure you that your gift will be very well received. I personally like to create unique gifts to give to my friends and family so when my friends started having babies, I started crocheting some cute baby blankets for them. There are a lot of ideas on the internet and these days you can create almost anything. I tried many techniques over the years but I must say that my favorite way of crocheting a baby blanket is the technique called corner to corner.

At the beginning this might be a little hard, but trust me, if you pay a little attention you will create some unique products that you can even sell and make some extra money. C2C is actually an easier technique that will help you create crochet baby blankets that have an image on them, image that you can easily personalize. With the help of a C2C graph, you can crochet a baby afghan that has let’s say, a penguin or a bunny on it.

When I started to crochet C2C baby blankets, I was looking for patterns everywhere and then I remembered that I have an Etsy account so I looked there for my next project. And let me tell you how exited I was to find one shop that had so many great C2C graphs that you can use to create some amazing crochet baby blankets.
Called Two Magic Pixels, the store has over 80 C2C blanket patterns that you can choose from. I personally was looking for ideas for babies and kids, but they also have patterns for adults like flags and sport related patterns.
So after many minutes (hours) I finally decided which C2C patterns I would like to buy and start working on. They are:

1.Spring Bunny c2c graph crochet patternil_fullxfull.987860748_s9ap


2. Baby Deer c2c graph crochet pattern



3. It’s a Girl c2c graph crochet pattern



4. It’s a Boy c2c graph crochet patternil_fullxfull.1027965301_h498


5. Sleepy Owl c2c graph crochet pattern



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