How to wear the long vest in 2016

There are a few clothing items that are going to be very trendy in 2016 and today I want to show you one of them. The long vest is perfect for those days when the weather is neither cold or warm, and is a great addition to any outfit.  And even tough it might seem hard to integrate it into your daily outfits, you must know that is actually really easy and you can do it too. So here are some ideas that might help you.
No matter what your style is, the long vest is the perfect accessory and it will bring a touch of elegance to any outfit.
In the cold days you can wear a long vest made from fur that will keep you warm and stylish and it can be easily worn inside too, if you don’t want to wear a sweater. Dresses and skirts are also a good accompaniment for a long vest. Just pick your favorite dress and match it with a delicate long vest for a chic and modern look. A midi skirt, a blouse and a long vest make up the perfect look that you can wear at school or at work.

If your style is more casual, wear the long vest with skinny jeans, a turtleneck blouse and sneakers. For an edgier look choose a pair of leather pants, a blouse and some boots and match them with a long sleek vest. At the office, wear a blazer inspired long vest that will make you look professional and modern. You can stick to the monochromatic designs that are perfect for the office environment or wear one that has a print or a color. This way you will still look elegant and ready to work.
Don’t be afraid to improvise by mixing and matching! Wear a pleated mini dress with a t-shirt and some sneakers, and add a long vest for some style! You will look trendy and fresh!
So what do you think? Would you like to wear a long vest in 2016? Here are some long vest outfits that might help you decide!
(photo source: Pinterest)

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