Beautiful all white outfits to wear in the Spring of 2016

White is such a beautiful color and if you know how and when to wear it, it’s perfect for any season. And since I am ready for the warm weather to come, I thought I would show you some amazing all white outfits that you can wear in the Spring of 2016!
When creating an all white outfit try to put together things that really match, and to make sure you can make more then one combination, try to buy as many white things as you can. Here is what you should always have in your closet when it comes to white clothes.

1. White t-shirts: they come in many shapes and designs and they are so easy to integrate in any kind of outfit. A white t-shirt goes great with a pair of skinny jeans and some white sneakers.

2. A white shirt or blouse: it is chic and easy to wear with everything from pants to skirts.

3. White trousers and white jeans: they go great not only with other white clothes, but with everything else you might have in your wardrobe.

4. A white skirt and a white dress: they are both perfect for the sunny weather of the summer and can be easily paired with a white blouse or a t-shirt.

5. White shoes, bags and accessories: when investing in white accessories, buy things that you can also wear with your other clothes that are colored.

6. A white coat, jacket or sweater: when the weather outside is colder, you will need something to keep you warm, so any of these items is a great choice.

And to see just how you can create the coolest all white spring outfits, check out the gallery below where you will find lots of ideas!

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