How to wear a cape in the cold season

In the winter time, when the weather is not that cold, I suggest you try wearing a cape. This fashionable item is perfect with any kind of outfit, and will bring that touch of elegance that any look needs.
Capes are so cozy and will keep you warm, so you should definitely try one. The secret of wearing a cape is to make sure that it fits your body. For example, if you are smaller, don’t wear a cape that is too big that looks like is overwhelming  you. And if you are a plus size girl, wear a cape that covers your thigh area that will make you look taller. And since there are so many cape designs out there, it’s kind of impossible you don’t find one that will suit your body and your style.

I personally like the cardigan capes, the blanket capes and the ponchos, because they are so comfortable and easy to wear, and go great with my style that is more relaxed and casual. But there are capes that go perfect with a more elegant style so you could easily wear the at the office or at a party.
And since this season the over the knee boots are so fashionable, it’s a great idea to match these two fashion items and wear them at school, at work or at a coffee with your friends. To see how other women are incorporating the cape into their winter wardrobe, check out the gallery below. Let me know what you think about these outfits in the comments section below and also tell me if you would like to wear a cape this season!
Photo source: Pinterest

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