Wear a blue jumpsuit with style!

Casual blue jumpsuits

This year blue is a hot hot color so we suggest you pair it with a very hot hot clothing item: a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits are also very trendy in 2015, especially the elegant ones, that you can wear at work, a business meeting or even a … [Read more...]


Floral sneakers, the star of the 2015 spring


Spring is finally here so let's celebrate it by wearing floral clothes and accessories. From blouses to bracelets, from scarf to shoes, flowers can be found everywhere this season. If you are a sporty person, we suggest you buy a pair of floral … [Read more...]


13 elegant purple bathroom designs


The bathroom is a very important room in your house so you should choose a design that suit your style and your personality. Painting your bathroom purple is a great idea if you want an elegant and modern space. You can also add beautiful purple … [Read more...]