9 new ways to use your ice cube trays

Pomegranate´╗┐ ice cubes are great to flavor your ice in the summer

We all have at least one ice cube tray at home, they usually come with the fridge when you buy it, but besides making simple ice cubes for our drinks, we kind of never use it. Right? But you need to know that an ice cube tray could be more … [Read more...]


Colorful hairstyles for a colorful spring


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How to match you nail polish and your lipstick


Matching your nails and your lipstick┬ácan be a little hard but the effect is amazing! You can already find on the internet many tutorials and pictures that will teach you how you can achieve the perfect combinations, but actually it's all an try and … [Read more...]


31 amazing design ideas for a small outdoor space


Having a garden can be a real blessing especially if you like spending your time outside, in the nature. Some of us have really big gardens where we can let our creativity free in order make some extraordinary spaces but if you have a smaller garden, … [Read more...]


How to wear a white shirt in 2015

Wear it in a feminine outfit

The white shirt has an important place among the clothes that should not miss from your wardrobe. Although it is a simple piece of clothing does not mean it can not provide a special note for your outfit. So in 2015, the white shirt can be the star … [Read more...]