Warm beets and mushrooms salad


This salad you can serve it as a main course, an aperitif or just as a salad, we guarantee it's delicious! Here are the ingredients: 3 suitableĀ beets 500 g fresh mushrooms 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 1 lemon parsley salt and … [Read more...]


22 gray manicures that you should try


Because winter is still here and we can still wear darker clothes, why not match our nails to them too? We suggest you try a gray manicure and you will receive many compliments! Gray goes great with black and pink so you can make some great … [Read more...]


DIY flower ice cubes


To make these amazing ice cubes that you can put in your drinks or the drinks of your guests, you will need: water flower petals or small flowers ice cube tray a fridge Put the flowers and some waters in the ice cube trays and put them … [Read more...]


Beautiful and enchanting tree tunnels from around the globe


If you want to have a romantic moment with your loved one in a very special place, than you should find a tree tunnel! All around the globe, trees come together and form beautiful and whimsical tunnels to the delight of the tourists that can't get … [Read more...]


Amazing cake pops bouquet designs


Cake popsĀ are a great gift and a cute dessert for your kids, family and friends. They are easy to cook and they will be ready in no time! But here is an idea that you can use next time you need to make a decoration for your table at a party or even … [Read more...]


19 luxurious bedroom designs


The bedroom is the place where we spend all our evening, nights and our lazy mornings. So why not create a truly special place, that represents your style and personality. If you like luxury things, then you are going to love these amazing bedroom … [Read more...]