Coffee with butter and coconut oil, the perfect way to start your day!


Certainly you like to you to start your mornings with an excellent coffee that wakes you up and makes you feel ready for the new day. Some people prefer it simple, with no sugar, others with milk, sugar and cinnamon. We propose today to try an … [Read more...]


All you need to know about the dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is cool! (Photo by Bek Andersen)

In recent years, experts in the field of beauty have released a lot of new products. In terms of hair care, dry shampoo is one of the most interesting and useful inventions. Here's all you need to know about dry shampoo. Basic … [Read more...]


10 Maybelline Eyeshadow Palettes that you should try this spring

Maybelline make-up products

Spring is almost here so it's time to refresh our look! First we should start by adding new make-up products like mascaras, liners and of course a new eyeshadow palette that suits your eyes! When buying products for your face and eyes especially, … [Read more...]


Adorable owl nail designs


Owls have become a very popular symbol over the last year, as we can see them on clothes, shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry! So of course, the next step is to wear little and adorable owls on our nails! The process is simple! Just pick your … [Read more...]