Black and white bathroom ideas and designs


Black and white is one of those combinations that will never get out of style. And if you think that is a combination that is right only when it comes to clothing, than you are wrong. These two non colors are the perfect choice if you want to … [Read more...]


Get rid of the belly fat in 5 simple steps!

Woman taking measurements of her body on blurry background

Belly fat is extremely harmful and can be the cause of some of the most serious diseases, from diabetes and liver problems to metabolic sufferings. Here's how to get rid of the belly fat in five easy steps. 1. Exercise: The best is jogging and … [Read more...]


2015 is the year of denim


Designers have decided: 2015 is the year of denim! We can not say that this surprises us or disappoint us, since denim pieces prove their versatility all the time, helping us to design the most chic outfit, whatever the occasion! But this time, the … [Read more...]


Trend alert: show off your socks!

How to wear socks and boots

A new trend seems to be winning over the hearts of the Hollywood stars: showing off their socks! Many fashion brands have tried to impose the combination of socks and sandals but this new trend is all about showing just a little part of your socks, … [Read more...]