Pantone’s 2016 colors – Serenity

Like I told you in the previous article, Pantone announced which are the two colors that will represent the year of 2016. The first one is Rose Quartz and is actually a light pink. I already showed you some very beautiful and chic fashion combinations that are made with clothes that are light pink, so today I want to talk to you about the other color that will represent the year that is just about to begin.
This color is called Serenity but I think we all know it best as baby blue.  Some of you might already have it in your closet and are wearing it all the time. Just like Rose Quartz, Serenity is a very calm color, that is best worn with neutral  colors and shades.
For a trendy and chic look, the specialists from Pantone are also advising us to wear these two colors together. And to show you just how easy it is to wear the Serenity color, I created a gallery where I have gathered some very modern looks that I hope will inspire you too!
Photo source: Pinterest

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