Pantone’s 2016 colors – Rose Quartz

At the beginning of every December, Pantone announces the color that is going to be represent the next year. In 2015, Marsala was a hit, and we got to see it everywhere from clothes to furniture. But in 2016, there are two colors that will set the tone and both of them are very light and calm.
The first one is Rose Quartz, a very light pink that is actually very popular. If you are looking to create an outfit that is both chic and trendy, you can wear this color with another neutral color, like white, black or grey. Your favorite pair of jeans are the perfect match to any rose quartz colored blouse, top, sweater or blazer.
And if you want too see how you can wear the Rose Quartz trend in 2016, here are some ideas that I hope will inspire you.
Photo source: Pinterest

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