The hCG diet – what it is and how it works

dieting-woman-genericA new diet is making waves all around the world promising amazing results. We are talking about the hCG diet and its name comes from the a hormone that the body produces during the pregnancy. To lose weight, you need to take this hormone and go on an ultra low diet. The people who endorse this diet claim that it will reset your metabolism and you will lose up to a pound every day without feeling hungry or tired. But how true are these claims and does the hCG diet really work? Here are some facts that might help answer these questions.
First let’s see what science has to say:
Without any doubt, any ultra low calories diet will help you loose wight. But the studies have shown that the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) has nothing to do with this process. This diet limits the calorie intake to 500 a day for 8 weeks while also taking the hCG. You can introduce the hCG in your system by getting a shot, an oral drop, and even a spray and you can get them from your local stores. Some say that things like the oral drops, sprays and pellets are “homeopathic” products, this is not quite true, because none of these options (including the shots) are not approved by the FDA for weight loss.
Also you must know that the shots are legal as long as you get them from a health care provider, as your doctor, and they are used in fertility related issues. But the rest of the products that are over-the-counter sold, are not legal, and the FDA has sent warning letters to several companies that are making and selling hCG products.
Now let’s talk about the hCG diet plan:
Like I said, this diet is very, very, very restrictive and it allows only two meals a day, the lunch and the dinner. Each meal must include a protein, a vegetable, one bread and one fruit.
When it comes to the meat you can grill or broil beef, veal, chicken breast, lobster, fresh with fish, shrimp and crab. Stay away from any kind of fat, including salmon, tuna, herring, eel, and dried or pickled fish of any kind.
The vegetables allowed are: chard, spinach, beet greens, tomatoes, chicory, green salad, fennel, celery, red radishes, onions, cucumber, cabbage and asparagus.
You can eat one breadstick or a piece of melba toast.
The fruits allowed are: oranges, apples, strawberries, grapefruits.
Also you are allowed to drink as much water, tea and coffee as you want and one tablespoon of milk every day. You can not use sugar, but instead you can have sugar substitutes. Oils and butter are not permitted.
The effort on your body is very high:
Overall, it’s very difficult to stick to such a strict calorie limit. Not only is very hard to live with 500 calories every day, but also is very dangerous. With such a low intake of calories, you can not cover all the nutritional needs of your body or get enough protein, vitamins or minerals. Doctors might recommend a very low calorie diet to an obese person that also has high blood pressure, but these kind of diets must always be supervised by a professional.
Even though the creators of this diet say that anyone can keep it, they are not right. First this is not a gluten free diet so be very careful about this. If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, you must know that you have to drink extra skim milk to make up for not giving your body enough proteins from meat. But if you drink milk, then this is not ok for the vegetarians. Any kind of very strict diet will help you loose wight but can also have serious long term consequences on your body. Also the intake of the hCG hormone can affect your body and until now there is no scientific basis to prove that is helps with weight loss. So before starting this diet, or any other diet, make sure you have all the facts and you read as much as you can about it.
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