20 trendy ways to wear the boyfriend jeans this year

In the last couple of years, boyfriend jeans have become almost as popular as the skinny jeans. Every true fashionista has at least a pair of these modern jeans in their wardrobe and the best part is that you can use them as a starting point for many different outfits.
Today we want to show some amazing looks that we found on Pinterest. Of course the boyfriend jeans are the star of every outfit and as you will see, they are perfect not only in a casual look but also in an elegant one.
The secret of any successful look are of course the accessories, like the shoes and the bag and the jewelry. For example, to transform a smart casual look into an elegant one, just swap the flats with a pair of sexy high heel shoes and add a blazer. To see more great ideas and outfits, check out the gallery below!

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