White vs. Black: 20 amazing outfits to wear this summer

In the summer time, most people choose clothes that have very bright colors, and tend to stay away from dark colors, especially black. When the weather is hot, white seems to be a more appropriate color to wear, but should we forget about our black clothes all summer long?
For us, the answer is no! Because even in summer, we can still wear black and feel amazing. The secret is to choose clothes that are made from lighter, natural materials, that won’t soak up all the sun. For a spectacular effect, go out wearing an all black outfit that will show off your body.
But if black is not your color, than try to wear white. The color of purity and femininity, white will not only keep the sun away, but will also emphasize your features. An all white outfit will look amazing at a summer party.
So are you an all white or an all black kind of girl? Checkout the gallery below to see some beautiful outfits that you can wear in the summer time!

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