Stiletto manicure designs you must try this summer

Every year, there are new trends in fashion and beauty. And this year is no different. We’ve seen many new things when it comes to clothing and accessories, but also lot of cool things when it comes to beauty. Today we want to talk about one of those trends, that was created to make our nails look stylish and elegant: stiletto nails.

This manicure is not only very chic but also very pretty. It will give your nails a neat look and the best part is that you can create a lot of designs to go with the stiletto nails. Because they are long we suggest you try using bright colors, cool prints and even the negative space technique that will make your nails look amazing.
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So if you are ready to try this new trend that is actually a must have of this summer, we gathered some ideas that might inspire you. Which one is your favorite?

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