This summer wear the straw bag with style

We are in the middle of the summer so we still have plenty of time to go to the beach and get some tan. But before leaving, we must have our beach bag ready. So what should we put in it? The swimsuit, sunscreen, a hat and a towel and we are ready to go. But also we must think about the bag itself. For a day at the beach, a straw bag is absolutely perfect! It’s easy to match to your sandals and your straw hat, you can put a lot of things in it and you will still look stylish and trendy.

But you must not think that the straw bag is good just for the beach, as many fashionistas have shown us. It is a bag that we can easily match to any summer outfit, in order to create a fresh and cool look. Bag designers and local artisans are creating beautiful straw bags that you can wear all summer long. And since these bags come in many colors, shapes and sizes, it is easy to match them with your favorite summer sandals.
So are you ready to take out your straw bag and enjoy a beautiful summer day? If the answer is yes, than check out the gallery below where you will find some very cute summer fashion outfits that include a straw bag.

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