4 fashion trends that will make you look younger

Age is just a number so don’t say no to some clothes just because you think they are not appropriate. This summer you can actually look younger if you wear these four trends. So here are our proposals:

1. Exotic prints are so trendy this summer! Invest in clothes that have palm trees, pineapples or parrots and you will have some adorable clothes to wear at the beach or at a party. Combine a pair of white pants with a tropical t-shirt and you are ready for a get away or a shopping spree!

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2. Navy style is something that will never get out of fashion. It’s so simple to wear this trend as you can find clothes, shoes and accessories that match perfect with it! To create a younger look, wear sneakers or espadrilles and since the weather is so hot, don’t forget about a short-brimmed hat. For a feminine look, opt for a red lipstick.

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3. The sporty influences are still trendy so you can create an amazing outfit by bringing some sport influences into your wardrobe. Go for a basketball inspire tee or a pair of boyfriend jeans with nude stiletto shoes. For a touch or color, choose a bag in a neon shade.

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4. Summer trousers are so cool! For a great summer you must have a pair of comfortable trousers and some jeans. With the first you can build a cool boho chic outfit especially if you accessorize it with some gladiator sandals. The white jeans are perfect with navy t-shirts for a relaxed look.

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