Five clothing items you must wear this summer

2fca4331b8ba1b8984a5b35095ea38f0There are just a few weeks left and we can finally enjoy summer! So are you ready? The first thing you need to do is check your wardrobe to see if your summer clothes still fit you and the trends.
And you want to know which are the must haves of this summer, you can read all about it right now!

1. Overalls:
We have already talked about this amazing piece of clothing! This summer you must buy at least one overalls that you can take it to the beach, to work, to school or when you go shopping.
It is so versatile and you can match it with so many different clothes, shoes, bags and accessories.
Right now you can find many models in the shops or online, and all you have to do is buy the one or the ones that fit you needs and your personality.

2. Maxi dress:
This summer the maxi dress is the one dress you must have in your wardrobe. Either you go to work, to school or at a beach party, a maxi dress will be the best choice. And since the are so many models and designs, it is practically impossible you don’t find one for you!

3. Hippie style clothing:
This style has defied the time and it keeps coming back every year! This summer everything that has happy colorful prints and it’s very comfortable, it’s something you need to have in your closet! You can buy t-shirts, blouses, overalls and even shoes!

4. Pants with prints:
If skirts are not you thing, than this summer you can opt for a beautiful pair of printed pants. When you buy a pair make sure the prints are right for you and your body. Also don’t choose a pair of oversized trousers because they tend to hide all your shapes. Wear them with a simple blouse and a pair of stilettos at the office and a cute top and sandals in your free time.

5. Jazz up your office clothes:
Just because you work in a serious environment, that doesn’t mean you have to look boring. There are many dresses, skirts and blouses that are fit to be worn at the office. Buy a midi dress in a pastel color that has a beautiful print. Don’t forget about the accessories. A special bag is enough to change an entire outfit.

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