The rules of the perfect salad

salad_vegetable_fruits-otherIn any diet the salad is mandatory for many reasons. Salads are healthy, they taste good and the number of combinations are practically endless. Prepared with a little care, it is no problem in terms of the number of calories.

Here are some of the secrets that will help you transform an ordinary salad into an amazing one!

Also check these books where you will find many recipes and ideas:

The salads with many combined elements are great.Using  green leaves and vegetables that can be fresh or cooked you can easily make a delicious salad to eat as it is or as a garnish for meat and cheese.

Remember this:

• Combine the green leaves of lettuce and spinach.
• Add carrot and celery.
• Add a handful of boiled corn, peas or baked beans, seeds or combine cabbage with nuts and raisins.
• Do not forget that the is ideal to add raw onion, leek, broccoli or cauliflower raw or cooked, into the salad.
• Add ingredients like peppers, zucchini, red cabbage, endive, radishes and tomatoes.

Egg salads are a meal in itself. A hard-boiled egg has only 80 calories, moreover it is a perfect source of protein and provides a comfortable feeling of satiety. Combined with lettuce or other green leaves and you have a delicious meal.

Salad may also contain chicken (turkey or even seafood) boiled or grilled. What matters is the amount of meat. One part meat to three parts salad means a complete meal without any anxiety regarding the number of calories.

It is essential to keep the rules of healthy eating even when you dress the salad:

• It must not contain mayonnaise or excess fat.
• One tablespoon of oil per serving of salad is sufficient.
• Add yogurt, crushed herbs in a blender for flavor, aroma and color.
• Put sweet paprika in the  salad.
• Put chopped chilli, parsley or fresh dill.

You can use fresh lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and if you want to give our salad an exotic taste, you can replace them all with orange or grapefruit juice.


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