How to protect your skin in the summer time

women-beach_00266777You can enjoy the summer sun and using daily sunscreen products.

Here’s what experts recommend:

  1.  Apply on the face every day a moisturizer with sun protection factor between 10 and 15. You will be protected from freckles, sun spots, dehydration or premature aging of the skin.
  2. When sunbathing, do not forget to apply sunscreen suited to your skin, at least 15 minutes before sun exposure.
  3. Apply lotion, cream or oil with SPF every two hours or after you come out of the water, but only on dry skin.
  4. Do not forget to apply sunscreen on the areas most exposed, ears and lips.
  5. The water acts as a magnifying glass to UV rays, increasing the amount of radiation, so before entering the water, apply a thick layer of sunscreen.
  6. After you get back from the beach, moisturize skin using an after-sun lotion. With soothing and moisturizing ingredients, it cools the skin and keeps it smooth. You can opt for a creamy, nourishing lotion or spray formula.
  7. If you are the driver, protect your left arm, because many skin cancers occur in this area because of prolonged exposure to the sun without protection.
  8. The sun’s rays are strongest between 10 and 16 and at high altitudes or latitudes closer to the equator. Keep in mind these details!
  9. The hat and sun glasses with anti-UV filter provide protection against ultraviolet almost 100%.

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