Healthy alternatives to your morning coffee

Pomegranate-Juice-SuperfoodCoffee is beneficial when consumed in moderation. But if you want to replace the coffee with something else, here are some natural alternatives that you can choose from.

Green Tea.
Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee. It is recommended for people who have liver problems or high blood pressure. However, green tea can also be used by those who want to lose weight.

Siberian ginseng tea.
Siberian Ginseng is a plant used in particular to prevent the cold and the flu. The active ingredients of the plant, called eleutheroside, energizes the body. Tea with ginseng stimulates concentration, but also helps those who want to lose weight.

Pomegranate juice.
You can eat the fruit in its natural state or combined it with other fruit juices. You could make a shake with pomegranate, soy milk, banana, spiruline and yogurt. Pomegranates abounds in antioxidants and energizes the body as much as a cup of coffee.

Peppermint tea.
Drink with confidence mint tea! Besides the fact that it refreshes the breath and soothes breathing refreshes and soothes the stomach after a meal, mint tea revitalizes the body.

Plum juice.
The fresh plum juice adjusts the appropriate level of electrolytes in the body. Also, this juice regulates appetite, facilitates digestion and prevents constipation.


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