10 things all women should have in their wardrobe

Accessories all women should have

Accessories all women should have

If you love fashion and you always want to know what is trendy than it means you are a true fashionista. And as a true fashionista, there are certain things that you must have in your closet by the age of 30. Check the list below to see if you have them all!

1. A pair of black pumps shoes must be always present in your dressing. They will get you out of trouble whatever the event, and they fit both a casual or an elegant outfit. Just wear them with the right accessory and you will look amazing.


2. Having a chic suit in your wardrobe does not mean that you are an old-fashioned, but that, on the contrary, you want to look like a successful woman.

3. The watch is an accessory but that doesn’t mean you have a have 10 different ones. Just buy one that fits more outfits.


4. The red lipstick will make you feel sexy, which will give you confidence in yourself. Try it once and you will want to always wear it!


5. Every woman should have a fragrance that defines her. If you’re not a fan of such a product, you can always use a lotion that surrounds you with its flavor.


6. If you have a favorite jewelry, wear it and turn it into something that represents you. A bracelets or a ring can match many outfits.


7. Every woman has at least four bags in her dressing: one casual, one office, one sport and a clutch. We advise you to invest in a leather bag that will not ever go out of style.


8. A little black dress was, is and always will be your salvation when you need to attend an important event to which you were invited. Don’t forget about the accessories: a necklace, a ring, a brooch or a bracelet.

9. A hat will get you out from the crowd and will give you an elegant look, so this accessory must be in your closet!

10. A winter coat made from a quality material is not only useful, but also a piece of clothing that will keep you company along several cold seasons.


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