Why should we eat more whole grains

Bread_and_grainsBelieve it or not, cereals are your best friend! No, we are not talking about the ones you buy in a pretty, colorful box from your supermarket, but about the natural and healthy ones known as whole grains.
They are not as tasty or good looking as the ones sold in the shops that have added sugars and are highly processed but we assure you that you must include them in your daily diet.

So which are the best whole grains for you? 

It is nurturing, regulates the blood sugar level and the cholesterol and it contains fibers.
For a healthy breakfast, eat oatmeal with a banana mash. You can also put them in a yogurt with probiotics, in which you also add a teaspoon of flax seed and honey.

It is a cereal very beneficial praised for its effects on the silhouette. It has enough calories, but a small portion is enough to feel full. Consume it just as the oatmeal.

Obtained from boiled wheat, dried and then crushed. It is one of grains with the highest content of fiber and has a secret – manganese, a mineral that fights against the free radicals and strengthens the bones. The famous Turkish tabouleh salad has the bulgur as its main ingredient but it can be cooked in various ways (salads, soups, stews) and successfully replaces the rice.

Made from semolina wheat and mixed with water and  flour, it comes from Maghreb and is used on a daily basis in some areas of the world, in all kinds of dishes, sweet or savory. Contains a significant amount of selenium, an antioxidant that protects the arteries and heart. It is extremely simple and fast to prepare: add boiling water over it, cover and let it swell. Add a little salt and pepper and it’s ready to eat!

It’s a blessing for those with gluten intolerance and for vegetarians. Obtained from a plant related to spinach, contains a full range of proteins needed for a healthy diet. It is a complete protein, that has all nine essential amino acids in its composition. The grains should be washed thoroughly before cooking them; otherwise, they may taste bitter. Preparation it takes about fifteen minutes, and after a boil, add spices and olive oil to taste better.

Whole grains are your friend!

Whole grains are your friend!

Gluten free:
The allergy to gluten is so common nowadays, although many do not have a clue that they suffer from it. Signs that occur after consumption of a grain ingredient as wheat, rye, barley or couscous are bloating, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea or constipation, unexplained fatigue. Those with such sensitivity can eat some other cereals: buckwheat, millet, psyllium, oat bran, quinoa or gluten.

5 reasons why you should eat cereals

  1. they are full of nutrients: contain abundant B vitamins, vitamin E, antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, so that a portion of the grain is very nutritious.
  2. they cut the appetite: starch, a complex carbohydrate we find in the grain’s composition, is slowly absorbed – this means that after a cereal-based snack, you will have more energy, and feel full for longer! Whole grains help you have a better control over the cravings for sweets.
  3. helps with the cholesterol: a frequent consumption of grains helps you have a healthy heart and reduces the risk of stroke by preventing cholesterol deposits in the arteries.
  4. helps with the digestion: ideal for people suffering from constipation. The same fibers stimulate intestinal transit and prevent colon cancer.
  5. can prevents the diabetes: they have a low glycemic index, meaning blood sugar levels do not rise sharply, instead provides the necessary glucose to 3-4 hours.

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