2015 is the year of denim

Designers have decided: 2015 is the year of denim! We can not say that this surprises us or disappoint us, since denim pieces prove their versatility all the time, helping us to design the most chic outfit, whatever the occasion! But this time, the big fashion houses are proposing to give up eternal simple pair of jeans and opt for pieces that allow us to show off our physical assets.

b6c60c962d1bef615029244ce88fce10This year, the designers were inspired by the 70’s fashion, bringing back the denim on denim trend, midi skirts with a cut A-line silhouette,  and flared jeans. Here’s what the fashion houses propose for 2015:

Denim dresses
Are you looking for a versatile dress that you can embed in your office outfits, that you can also wear at a night out with your friends? Then you’ll be glad to know that the biggest fashion houses have created  denim dresses that are perfect for you! If last year you adored the denim overalls, you will definitely wear a denim dress.
This clothing item has been already included in the collections of the spring-summer of brands like Gucci, Alberta Ferreti, Carolina Herrera Chloe.

Denim skirt
This time, we don’t talk about the provocative miniskirts, but about the midi one, with a cut A-line, or even longer, brought back  by houses famous as Chloe, Rag & Bone, Sonia Rykiel and Alberta Ferreti. Midi or maxi denim skirts reminds us of the 70’s bohemian period but now the denim skirt returns in various forms, designers proposing to incorporate the maxi skirt into daily looks, replacing the pencil or pleated skirts with midi denim pieces with A-line.

Denim on denim
Denim on denim trend (or “double denim”) has grown since last year and shows no sign of disappearing anytime soon from the preferences of  great designers. Gucci and Fendi fashion houses have really used this trend, showing us how we can wear it. The perfect combination is the one made from denim clothes in different shades, a trick that will help us not only look amazing but also to create a strong collection of clothes that can be worn together but also separately.
Here is an idea: if you want to draw attention to your upper body, wear a pair of dark jeans and a baby blue denim shirt. Don not be afraid to wear a masculine blazer in a strong color that will break the monotony of color.

Goodbye skinny jeans!
Like we said, the 70’s are making a great comeback and when it comes to the very known and loved jeans, the things are not very different.
Of course the flared jeans are trendy but if don’t like them, than you should go for the bootcut jeans.
So what are the bootcut jeans? They are a pair of jeans that are not very tight, have a high-waist and they follow the contour of the leg until the knee. One of the designers who exploited the bootcut jeans trend was Sonya Rykiel, who included in her collection jeans in various shades (from classic tones of blue, to pure white), which compliment any figure.

Denim flared capri
3/4 wide denim trousers, which resembles a skirt, seem to have recovered strongly in the trends, threatening to take the place of boyfriend jeans. Designers recommend us to include this piece of clothing in nonconformist ultra-feminine outfits, both completed by stiletto shoes, as well as casual outfits, paired with boots or boots with heels. Avoid this if you are a mignon.



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