Five onion types and how you should use them when cooking

There are no strict rules on how to use an onion, but there are some secrets that you can use if you want to turn this food into something delicious, because although all seem the same, some types of onions are better than others for certain recipes. We will show you how to make the difference between onion types, so you choose the best for the food you want to prepare.
Most recipes do not say clearly if you need red onion and yellow onion. And even if  there is no risk  to ruin the recipe just by using what you have at hand, , it’s a shame not to do something that will make your food more delicious.

Yellow oniononion_slide
It is the most common and most often found at the market or supermarket. Its taste fits almost anything. Basically, if the recipe does not specify what kind of onion to use, the yellow onion is a great choice.When is raw the yellow onion tastes slightly spicy and pungent, but it attenuates after it cooked. You can use it in almost any recipe, but it fits best in dishes that require a long cooking time, such as stews, soup or soup bases,  onion rings or garnishes.

White onion11_07_09_IMG_2275
In most cases will successfully substitute the yellow onion in a lot of recipes. It has a sweet flavor and more powerful than yellow onion and a much higher water content. Therefore, the white onion becomes very crispy when fried or sauteed. It is most commonly used in Mexican cuisine for their texture perfect for salsa, chutney sauces or other raw dishes.

Red onionfresh-red-onion-steve-gadomski
It has a less pronounced flavor compared with the yellow and white onion. Therefore it is most suitable to be eaten raw and and in cold dishes: salads, in salsa, topping for burgers or sandwiches. Can also be used to be cooked, but in the thermal preparation it loses its flavor.

Green onionsgreen onions
It is a regular on the Asian and South American dishes, but is also suitable for other types of recipes because its flavor is not strong. The white part of this onion is much more suited to be cooked, while the green parts can be added to salads or as a garnish for other dishes.

It is a type of onion widely used in restaurant kitchens and even Anthony Bourdain in Kitchen Confidential said, it is the ingredient that makes the difference between home cooked food and top food. Shallots are sweet and slightly spicy. Can be used in any recipe, especially raw, when you want the flavor of onions to not capture all the preparation.

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