Lace blouses, the must have of 2015


With origins since the antiquity, lace is a material that will be very trendy in 2015. Lace blouses, made in series or embroidered by hand, delicate, meticulous, telling a story about femininity. Hundreds of designs and colors available on the market  invite you to be as creative in creating outfits where the lace blouse is the the central element.

Elizabethan era
This type of model makes you think the period of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, in terms of details we find on the blouses. At that time, not only literature and theater flourished, but also very expensive clothes made from silk, velvet or lace.
Blouses in this style give you a noble note and the high collar denotes seriousness and elegance. Accessories must be in keeping with the allure of “royal”, so for more refinement, wear white pearls to accentuate the bohemian outfit look.

Baby doll style
Blouses in this style are perfect for those girls that are incurable romantics. They give off a candid and jovial air. They are recommended for any figure, because its loose cut at the bottom. Baby doll blouses are the favorite of the mums who hide their tummy, but remain very pretty as they have elements made from lace. Baby doll tops are perfect for hot summer days, and in the spring-fall, you can wear a jacket or a cardigan to keep warm. For a casual look, harmonizes a pair of skinny jeans and shoes that are comfortable.

Two perfect colors: mint and baby blue
Although white lace blouses are a little bohemian and fit to any outfit, try to get a little of the classic and opt for something more colorful. We recommend pale colors in shades reminiscent of the delicious cotton candy or marshmallows. They fit both skirts and pants.

The black widow
Black inspire seriousness, and a special refinement and was the representative color of Coco Chanel famous creations. Inspire yourself from Dolce & Gabbana collection and choose a shirt for a sober and elegant look. You can also opt for wide collar shirts that give a touch of delicacy and femininity to your look.

Combine the materials
Try to find that mix of materials that combined create the perfect blouse. If you choose to have a delicate outfit with lace details on the sleeve only, or prefer to cover your shoulders in lace embroidery, you’ll look amazing and elegant.

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