Get rid of the extra pounds with the help of citrus fruits! all you’re stuck with some extra pounds, don’t become a welcoming host, but take them off quickly! And some of the biggest allies are citrus fruits.

These fruits arrive on store shelves today especially from Greece, Spain or Turkey, but originally they come from the lands of Asia. Whether orange, mandarins, clementines, lemons, grapefruit or pomelo, all these fruits are rich in vitamin C, organic acids in particular citric acid, fiber, and many other vitamins and minerals that help the body.

They have fewer calories (1 kilogram of citric do not have more than 400-500) and stimulate digestion, thereby hastening the natural process of elimination of toxins from the body. However, these fruits helps to melt excess fat deposits. You can eat as such, to assimilate nutrients stark form of salad or fresh juice  (the juice being highly concentrated, it is good to drink in moderation). And vegetable salads will be much healthier if you use fresh lemon juice to prepare the dressing.

One of the effects of vitamin C is priceless, that delays the aging of cells, seen above all on your skin. If you eat more citrus skin becomes elastic, bright and soft. Imperfections can be forgotten and citrus can  also be used  externally mixed with honey, clay or other nutritious ingredients.

Orange essential oil is indicated in diets: on the one hand, has a soothing effect (opinion of those who eat more on the nervous system), and on the other, stimulates bile and fat digestion. Externally, orange massage oil reduces cellulite.

Those suffering from gastritis, ulcer or pancreatitis should not consume citrus contraindicated due to acidity. Of all, grapefruit may have undesirable effects if you follow treatment with antibiotics, contraceptives and antihypertensives – therefore, it is best to ask your doctor before starting such a diet (or opt for oranges and mandarins in his place). Another warning to keep in mind is related to citrus peel: it should not be eaten or used in cooking. However well a wash, they can remain impregnated with pesticides and preservatives.

If you had stomach problems, one day a week  only consume citrus juice, every three hours. Only in the evening you are allowed two oranges whole if hunger overwhelms you. All you have to do is to prepare in blender concentrated juice with oranges and tangerines, possibly sweetened with a little honey and drink it filtered without anything to eat that day.

7 health benefits:

  • energizing effect;
  • prevents blood clots, lower cholesterol and blood pressure;
  • protect and restore the liver;
  • strengthen immunity ;
  • antiallergic effect;
  • good for smokers (their bodies consume more vitamin C to resist tobacco toxins);
  • removes bacteria from the urinary tract and is beneficial for kidney (especially when suffering from urinary infections).

Standard menu

  • a fresh cup of citric (optional – orange, grapefruit or both)
  • two whole wheat biscuits
  • a small yogurt


  • an orange / grapefruit / tangerine or two clementines


  • a glass of water with lemon (½ lemon squeezed into 200 ml of water)
  • a portion of grilled meat (as palm) – chicken, turkey, pork, beef or fish
  • a portion of sauteed or steamed vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms


  • an orange / grapefruit / tangerine two


  • a serving of vegetable soup with croutons
  • a salad of citrus (grapefruit and an orange cut into cubes, over which two teaspoons of honey and add a little lemon juice)

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