Basic rules for your January diet

Not accidentally January is synonymous with diet. Consequently there are some basic rules of diet in January, which we can help us lose weight, with benefits to the overall tone and health.

  1. Give up counting calories. The rule says eat slowly, calmly and stop when you feel full. Chew well every bite and drink a glass of water or a cup of tea with your meals, with small sips.
  2. Replace white foods with anything else. White pasta, white rice and white bread, sugar provide very few nutrients and fats are processed very quickly. Thus hunger persists and you accumulate calories. The solution is to eat their whole versions and replacing sugar with honey.
  3. Sleep. Fatigue specifically stimulate appetite and the need for sweet and animal fats. In response the solution is to get enough sleep and, especially, to sleep early and get up as early as you can. Ideal for these rules of diet in January is to be in bed at 10.00 and up, no later than 6.00 am You will have time to eat in the morning, to make a little workout and fix other small issues. In addition you’ll be in shape all day!
  4. Eat fats. Fats are essential for human metabolism and fat deprive yourself is a big mistake. Fats are essential to the body and support slimming process. Always choose meat fish, avocados, nuts and peanuts, and sunflower seeds and pumpkin.
  5. Five to six meals a day. One of the basic rules for January diet recommends three main meals and two or three snacks. Thus you will maintain an optimal level of nutrients and energy and you can keep hunger under control. Choose snacks low in sugar, such as peanuts, humus, carrots or celery.
  6. Protein at every meal. This is perhaps one of the main rules of the diet in January. Protein is essential for growth and repair of body. However, they will keep hunger away for long. Experts recommend eating chicken or fish rich in proteins, peanuts or nuts at each meal or snack.

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