7 foods for a nourishing diet

o-WOMAN-FRIDGE-facebookA list of nourishing and healthy food is ideal during January, when we all want to keep a diet after the winter holidays. To keep the feeling of fullness for longer, thereby reducing the number of calories, you need to eat some foods that satiate.

Here are 7 nourishing foods ideal for your diet:

Eggs :(an egg has about 80 calories) an egg is not only a highly nutritious food, it is also rich in proteins. If you eat an egg for breakfast, your appetite will be diminished enough during the day to relieve other as 330 calories you could eat.

Dark chocolate: (170 calories/ 30 grams) about a quarter of a 100 grams dark chocolate helps you eat less of other foods because its compounds slow your digestion. Also, a few squares of chocolate can cut your craving for sweet foods, very salty or greasy.

Pine seeds: (95 calories for about 80 seeds) fatty acids in pine nuts are very good for the heart and also helps you feel full longer. Rather than choose almonds, better eat pine seeds.

Cheese: (80 calories /30 grams) fresh goat cheese and feta containing conjugated linoleic acid which helps you feel full and burn fat. Fat cheeses contain more conjugated linoleic acid, so it is better not to eat them in large quantities.

Skim milk: (85 calories for a small cup) many of us think that milk is more for children, not knowing what it brings a lot of benefits benefits. Milk proteins such as casein, can make you feel fuller than sweet drinks. In addition, it contains conjugated linoleic acid.

Oranges: (60-70 calories a fruit) orange is one of the most nourishing fruits, because it contains fibers. From a list of 38 foods, made by Australian researchers, oranges occupied first place among the fruits that keep you nourished for a log time.

Potatoes: (a boiled potato as big as a fist has 150 calories) potatoes are the most nourishing food, with a degree of satiation three times larger than a slice of white bread.


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