Four ways to use the leftover champagne

champagne_boxes_gifts_holiday_christmas_merryIf you still have champagne left from the New Year’s Eve party, don’t worry because you can use it for other purposes.
We all know that the best way to drink champagne is cold and immediately after the bottle was opened but if you couldn’t drink it all, here is how to CNN journalists suggest you use it.

1. Put the champagne in the tub while bathing
Dis you know that some rumors say that Marilyn Monroe used to bathe in 350 bottles of champagne so she could take advantage of the natural antioxidants in this drink? You can try it also! Of course you can use only the left over champagne, not 350 bottles.

2. Champagne as a face tonic
Do you need a quick tonic for your face? You could try champagne! Put the champagne on a tissue and wipe the entire face.

3. Shoe Shine
Parisian shoe designer Ola Berlanti says she polishes the shoes with champagne and urges its customers to do the same. This drink removes fat left by the shoe cream, allowing the natural color of the skin to shine.

4. Champagne used in cooking
It’s no secret you can use alcohol when you cook. The champagne can be added in the scrambled eggs instead of milk, for it to be fluffy. Also, champagne may be added to sauces, salad dressings and desserts. Delicious!

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