Outfit of the Day (September 29, 2014)

Beautiful autumn fashion combination

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Maltesers sweet tree


The sweet trees are so cute and can be a great decoration for a party or a gift for a friend. They take some skill to create but they do steal the show, attracting everybody's attention. There are many ways you can create a sweet tree and that's … [Read more...]


Trendy high low skirts

The high low skirt is beautiful, fashionable and so easy to wear. You can combine it with different casual or elegant blouses and you can wear it to a casual meeting with your friends, or even at work if the dress code allows it. Most of the high … [Read more...]


Cool hair styles for school


The clothes and the way you wear your hair at school is so important because they say a lot about you and your personality. The school is a place that you have to treat with respect and the best way to show your respect is to adjust your look … [Read more...]


Beautiful chocolate art ideas


Who doesn't love chocolate? It's so delicious and can create dependency but did you know that there are artists that create their art from chocolate? Because chocolate is so malleable you can create anything from it from little pianos to flowers and … [Read more...]


Repurposed Baby Cribs


When your kid is no longer a baby comes the question what to do with the old furniture like the baby crib. Of course you can give it to another family that might need it or you can sell it but how about getting creative and transforming it into a new … [Read more...]