Autumn manicure ideas

Don't you just love autumn? All the colors that are surrounding us are so beautiful and inspiring that we would like to wear them everywhere we go! And really that's not so complicated! From head to toe, we can choose clothing and accessories that … [Read more...]


Outfit of the Day (September 26th, 2014)

Cool and Casual Autumn Outfit

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Toadstool House Cakes


If you are planning a party four little girl or boy and the theme of the party is "The Forest" then a toadstool house cake is a great idea when it comes to dessert. This cake is so beautiful and stylish, that all the guest will be amazed. Add little … [Read more...]


Creative shaped egg ideas


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so if you are a big fan of it, than you should always find new foods to have for breakfast. Of course the presentation is also very very important so today we want to show you something that will make … [Read more...]


The colors of the autumn by Pantone Institute


At the beginning of each season, Pantone Institute reveals the colors that must be found in the wardrobe of each of us. Besides radiant purple orchid, the star color this year, in the Pantone catalog we find also intense shades of blue or red. So it … [Read more...]