Outfit of the Day (September 25th, 2014)

Casual autumn outfit

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Bridal fishtail braid updo


The fishtail has become one of the most popular braided hairstyles around the globe and we can see why! The end result is so pretty and stylish and you can wear it everywhere you go, in the day and in the evening. But the braided fishtail also goes … [Read more...]


Fruit pizza recipe & ideas


If you are a big fan of both pizza and fruit than you should know you can have them both in one delicious combination: fruit pizza! It's a great dessert idea for a family meal but also if you want to impress your guests at a party. What makes it … [Read more...]


Colorful living room ideas


If your personality is happy and bubbly than your house should reflect that too. A colorful house is a house full of joy and laughter, and there are so many ways you can bring color into your home. From the walls to the furniture and the … [Read more...]