Outfit of the Day (September 24, 2014)

Ready for a sunny day!

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Beautiful wedges shoes

Love your wedges!

The wedges shoes have become very popular in the last years especially since many great designers have used them on the runway at the fashion shows. They come in many shapes and colors and they go great with skinny jeans and pencil skirts. You can … [Read more...]


Gorgeous bride hair updo


We all want to look amazing on our wedding day and the hair it's a very important part of our bridal look. Lately many brides choose to arrange their hair in an elegant bun and to add chic accessories like flowers and tiaras. The hair updo is an … [Read more...]


Ten trendy toe nail designs


When we say nails, we automatically think about the nails on our hands but let't not forget about the ones on our toes. Juts like the ones on our hands, the nails on our toes need a special treatment so they will always look healthy, clean and … [Read more...]