Outfit of the Day (September 18, 2014)

Beautiful elegant outfit

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Peasant tops for modern women


In every culture there are specific clothing items that represent it. From tops to dresses and even shoes, it seems that this kinds of clothing have gain more and more popularity. The best part is that you can wear something that represents not only … [Read more...]


Modern head and hair accessories

Head and hair accessories

Either you have long, medium or short hair, you must like arranging it in all the ways possible! Let's admit it! We love doing something different to our hair all the time, something that will surprise everybody! Our biggest alliesĀ in this … [Read more...]


Creative coffee art

latte-art (1)

Who doesn't love coffee? Either we drink it at home with our family or at a restaurant with our friends, a coffee is always welcomed. But some people have taken coffee to another level, by transforming it into real art. These artists create … [Read more...]