Outfit of the Day (September 11, 2014)

Office Chic

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Kitchen tools that will make your life easier

If you are have a passion for cooking or just for eating, here are some kitchen tools that will surely make your life so much easier! They are creative, innovative and some of them you can take them with you everywhere you go! Here are the kitchen … [Read more...]


Creative Lego cakes


Every birthday party needs a special cake, something that represents the style, personality and the hobbies of the person that has a celebration. Today, when it comes to cake, anything seems to be possible, since the bakers have taken the cakes to … [Read more...]


Beautiful white bedrooms


White is the color of peace and relaxation. That's why you must bring it, one way or another, in your bedroom. Here are some ideas of how you can create a beautiful white bedroom: paint your walls in white use white bedding put on white … [Read more...]


Black high heels ankle boots


This autumn prepare yourself to look amazing by wearing high heels ankle boots! They are beautiful, sexy and will give you that confidence boost all women need! The ankle boots go great with anything, from dresses to skinny jeans, so you can match … [Read more...]


Modern highlights for blonde hair


If you have blonde hair and you want a change, highlights are a great choice. Today we are going to show you some highlights ideas that go perfectly with blonde hair, without making it look bad or over the top. A good advice is to talk to a … [Read more...]