DIY: Velour nails


Manicure has come a long way and now has become something more than just nail polish applied on our nails. Manicure is art. And just like art, it can be represented in many forms and shapes, by using different materials and accessories. The velour … [Read more...]


Beautiful blue smokey eyes


The smokey eyes makeup is one of the most popular makeup technique in the world. An that is because it gives the eyes a beautiful and charming look that no other technique can give you. There are many tutorials on the internet that show you step by … [Read more...]


Princess cupcake ideas


The princess cupcakes are a great addition to any candy bar especially if you have a themed party. They can be used as a dessert for a birthday party or even a wedding, if the bride wants to feel like a real princess. To create these adorable … [Read more...]


Outfit of the Day ( 8th of September, 2014)

Style and Elegance

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Kate Spade handbags – style and personality

Kate Spade handbags are a must have of this season that can not miss from your wardrobe. They are so unique and trendy, yet so stylish and fun, that you will surely get a lot of compliments from everybody! They come in great colors like green and … [Read more...]


Ten adorable baby boots

Buying shoes for our kids is not always easy, especially when we are looking for something that is unique and has a good quality. In the cold season, our kids need shoes that will keep their little feet warm but are also very comfortable, and also … [Read more...]