Creative autumn decorations for your garden


Autumn is here and she brought with her the beautiful colors and scents that we all love. The trees have changed their summer clothes and the sky is mostly grey, but this is no reason not to enjoy autumn. There are so many things that you can make … [Read more...]


Five models of stiletto shoes any woman should have

Nothing says femininity more than a gorgeous pair of stiletto shoes. Marilyn Monroe said "Give a woman the right shoes and she can conquer the world"! Every woman feels more sexy and gains more confidence in her when she wears a perfect pair of … [Read more...]


3D Nail Art Designs


If you want your nails to look amazing and be admired by everyone, than the 3D nail art is exactly what you need! If some years ago, the nails weren't getting to much attention, today they are a very popular subject. Creative manicurists have … [Read more...]


Do it yourself: chocolate bowls


If you are hosting a party and you want to amaze your guests, here is something that you have to try: the chocolate bowls. Maybe you think that they are very hard to make, but in fact it is very simple! All you need is a balloon and some melted … [Read more...]