Adorable Baby in Bath Cake


If you have a baby shower or a baby anniversary, one of the most important details is the cake! Everybody wants to eat a delicious and fresh cake but also you must make sure that the cake itself is a a good representation of the event. Some of the … [Read more...]


Zebra living rooms

If you are a more extravagant and you want everything around you to say that, than a zebra living room might just do the trick! There are smaller or bigger details that you can use to decorate your living room, like pillows, rugs and art pieces for … [Read more...]


Amazing fruit and vegetables sculptures


Sculptures made of fruits and vegetables have been a must have in the last few years at the parties all around the world. They are beautiful, spectacular, big and impressive. Artists use all the fruits to make amazing fruit and vegetables sculptures, … [Read more...]


The dissociated colors diet

The dissociated colors diet was invented by Dr. Willian Howard Hay in 1911 and therefore is called the Hay diet. Dr. Hay began his medical career in 1891 and after 16 years was diagnosed with Bright's disease (causing liver damage). From that moment, … [Read more...]


Traditional English breakfast by Jamie Oliver


We know that the morning meal should be the most consistent, in order to feel energized for the rest of the day. The British did not deviate from this golden rule and respect it strictly, eating a substantial meal early in the day, which for many … [Read more...]


Five lipsticks you must try this autumn

Fall is fast approaching and brings with it new trends in ... lipsticks. From nude to dusty pink, in the new season we must wear all natural colors. Discover the five shades of lipstick that are dominating the trends in make-up in the fall of … [Read more...]


Gerber Baby-Boys clothes and accessories

The newborns and babies up to one year don't need fancy and hard to dress clothing, but very soft ones, made from a good material. The Gerber Baby-Boys line offers a great variety of baby clothes and baby accessories for the little boys, that make … [Read more...]


Stylish jewelry boxes


Having a lot of jewelry is the dream of every girl. Rings, bracelets, necklaces we want them all! But after buying them we must take care of our jewelry properly. The best solution to keep our favorite jewelry in order is a stylish jewelry box, that … [Read more...]


French Tip Nails with Glitter


If you like both the French manicure and glitter, than you can have them both in one amazing and trendy manicure style. The principle behind it is just the same as in a normal French manicure, except the fact that the tips of the nails are made with … [Read more...]


Adorable dresses for little girls

If you have a little girl, you want to always dress her as adorable as possible. So many times you buy her a lot of clothes like dresses, skirts and t-shirts. Dresses are some of the cutest clothes that you can buy for your girl and now that school … [Read more...]