The watermelon wonder diet

Watermelon is a great source of natural minerals and vitamins and the ideal fruit for the hot summer days, 90% of it being water. It's also one of the foods that help us look better. The watermelon diet can help you lose up to 8 pounds a week. … [Read more...]


Three snacks that you can eat in the evening

Eat a delicious fruit salad!

Did you just finished eating but you are still hungry? Look at the clock. If it's after 18:00 o'clock then try to stay away from any kind of food that might not be good for your figure like meat, bread or chocolate. But don't go t bed hungry. There … [Read more...]


How to wear a casual blazer

Blazer are trendy!

The blazer is a basic fashion item that should not miss from any woman 's wardrobe. Such a versatile piece can easily change the image of an outfit and is a relief when you do not know how to dress. Stars often choose to wear casual jackets not only … [Read more...]


180 calories vegetable salad

Garnbanzo salad 016

Vegetables are the best friends of the slim  figure, especially if you opt for low-calorie recipes. How can you prepare a delicious salad of raw vegetables, that has only 180 calories? Here's the recipe! Preparation time : 10 minutes Recipe … [Read more...]


Nail polish trends for the summer of 2014

Spicy Coral Nail Polish

Greet summer with a beautiful manicure! Early in the season spring-summer  of 2014 , Pantone Institute experts reveal what colors are worn in fashion this year. What would you say if you implement some of these  spectacular shades on your nails? Here … [Read more...]


The Denim Jacket that Fits Your Body Type

The Denim Jacket is versatile and comfortable and it is a piece of clothing that must be found in every woman's closet , as well as the jeans. The most important thing when it comes to clothes and image is to dress according to your body type. If you … [Read more...]


The perfect makeup products for the summer of 2014

This summer look amazing!

Summer is already here, so now is a favorable moment to have a look in your make-up kit and replace the dark makeup with pastel shades products, perfect hot days. This season, opt for organic makeup products without parabens, paraffin or silicone, … [Read more...]


Five rules for having perfect lips


Low temperatures, wind, sun, cosmetic use of inappropriate products, insufficient hydration are several reasons that cause dry and red lips. Here are 5 easy rules to follow if you want to have perfect lips: Rule number 1 :Drink plenty of … [Read more...]


Four rebel hairstyles to wear this summer


Summer is fast approaching so be prepared to be greet it with a new look. Rebellious hairstyles are in vogue now, so regardless of the length of the hair that you have is not necessary to sit for hours in front of the mirror to get your hair in a … [Read more...]


Wear a cashmere poncho


The cashmere is one of the most loved, elegant, and comfortable fabrics and it is used in making all kind of clothing items and accessories for women, men and children. Anything made with cashmere is incredibly soft and gives your skin the freedom to … [Read more...]