The manual coffee grinder


We all love it! It's the first thing we want in the morning and after we have it, we fell better and full of energy! Of course, you know I'm talking about coffee! Making the coffee is today a child's play, it's that easy! The coffee is already … [Read more...]


Sleeveless Turtleneck


The sleeveless turtleneck clothing is back in the fashion! Either you choose a blouse, a top, a dress they are all not only form fitting but also very comfortable and easy to wear and match. Any look will be complete with a sleeveless turtleneck … [Read more...]


Beef cheeks recipe

Oxtail Stew with Beef Cheek Ravioli

Beef cheeks are simply delicious if you know how to cook them just right. There are many recipes that you can follow, each adding new ingredients that will give more flavor like soy sauce, orange, wine, sherry but you must chose the best recipe for … [Read more...]