Three vegetable juices that help you lose weight

Spicy Tomato Juice

Finding and building the perfect diet requires determination and patience, which you've probably experienced firsthand, especially if you tried to keep various diets. Any woman who wants to eliminate the extra pounds wants to find the key ingredients … [Read more...]


Wear a pair of over the knee socks in a classy outfit

Collage Style Inspired Outfit

After the winter when we wore high boots, the three quarters sock trend should not surprise us at all. And although normally, socks are an accessory that most of us think it should stay hidden, they will be at the forefront of trends spring.¬†Over the … [Read more...]


Five clothing items you must wear in 2014

The leather jacket is the star of the season!

The spring has brought not only warm weather but also new trends in fashion. Like every season, designers have insisted on a few key pieces that you must have. All five pieces of clothing can be combined successfully with each other, ideal for a … [Read more...]


Trendy Hair Accessories to wear in 2014

Beautiful Hair Accessories

This Spring it'a all about the accessories! And that's because they are so important and can totally change your outfit! As you well know, when we say accessories we talk about all the little details that we put on after we've finished dressing, like … [Read more...]