How to choose the best pair of earrings

Face types for women

When it comes to jewelry, we are more concerned with the beauty of the models than choosing a perfect shape to our advantage physiognomy. Many of us completely ignore that perfect pair of earrings can elongate a round physiognomy and may round one … [Read more...]


Elegant Dress with Corset

Long Dress with Corset

Since ancient times, women used to wear corsets to obtain the wasp waist effect. Times have passed, but that corset still is a symbol of femininity and sensuality. Long, short, with lace or molded ample dresses with corset, made ‚Äč‚Äčtheir presence felt … [Read more...]


The shoes with laces, the next big thing in 2014

Boots with laces for women

With or without heels, sandals, boots , sports shoes or classic, this season all have one thing in common : shoelaces. Sandals with heels and laces can have a very sexy air in the evening worn with a black dress, but also provide a stylish look … [Read more...]