Red Shoes: the must-have of spring 2014

Trendy Red High Heels

Spring is finally here so we can renew our wardrobe with more appropriate clothing items for this season. Red shoes promise to take over the fashion landscape slowly but surely! Din you not see them everywhere? They are already in the shoes stores, … [Read more...]


Hairstyles with bows


Lady Gaga is the one that started the trend of the hairstyles with bows. If you want to have a very feminine yet playful look, then it's time to try a hairstyle with bows. Here are some of our favorite hairstyles that we hope will also inspire … [Read more...]


A perfect make-up in 5 minutes!

Cleanse your skin every morning!

Do you have those ¬†mornings when you discover that you have more things to do than you planned the night before? An usually you have very few time left before going to work. For this reason, your look is often left on a secondary plan. Well, we have … [Read more...]