How to arrange your hair depending on the time of day

Casual Messy Bun

It is not easy to wake up every morning and think "How do I arrange my hair today?". The hair stylists recommend to have a different hairstyle every time of day, depending on the occasion. Because is not easy to find many solutions to a single … [Read more...]


Easter inspired manicures

Cute Rabbits and Rainbow

Easter is almost here so you must think about everything when it comes to this celebration. We are sure that you already know what to cook and the spring cleaning is almost over, but have you thought about what are you going to wear when you're guest … [Read more...]


Dresses for petite women: 5 models that will make you look taller

Stripe Dresses

Have you ever wondered how the international stars seem incredibly slender and tall, although most of them do not measure more than 1.65 m tall? Well it is very simple! They dress strictly following certain rules and are keen to wear skirts and … [Read more...]


Hoodies for Women: how to wear them to be trendy in 2014

Sporty Outfit

If until now, the sweatshirt was considered to be an ordinary piece of clothing worn only by people who practice sports, but last year, this item has managed to make his way in the wardrobe of the women who want to always be fashionable . Hoodie … [Read more...]