Wear a dress in a pastel color

Lacy Pastel Dresses

In the spring-summer of 2014 the fashion collections abound in pastel shades. Wearing dresses in these colors highlights your femininity and gives you a special delicacy. Pastel colors are the sweet shades of mint, lavender, peach, pink, pale yellow, … [Read more...]


Five ways to wear a pair of white sneakers


The fashion of ┬álast seasons started a new era in sport shoes. The ultra-coloring sneakers and the classic sneakers have almost dethrone the supremacy of the stiletto shoes. But of all these trendy models, the white sneakers proved to be the most … [Read more...]


Bags in bright colors

Neon Colored Bags

Most of the time when we buy a bag we go for a black or a grey one because they go with...anything. But lately women are getting more adventurous by choosing more colorful and lively bags that catch the eye of everybody. In the last years even … [Read more...]


The Floral Trend – the star of the 2014 Spring

Flower Power!

In the spring of 2014 floral prints are defined as a strong trend, reinvented from previous seasons. From the catwalks of fashion capitals fashion boulevards, from celebrities to fashionistas, floral prints is adored by everyone! While the … [Read more...]


5 ways to get rid of the excessive facial hair!

Get Rid of the Excessive Facial Hair!

Millions of women suffer from excessive facial hairiness, but nobody likes to talk about this. The facial hair can be caused by several problems, including polycystic ovaries, testosterone excess or genetic predisposition, says dermatologist Natasha … [Read more...]


Sarah Jessica Parker’s new shoes collection


Sarah Jessica Parker, the popular actress from Sex and the City, has a new shoes collection and hopes that all the women would simply fall in love with them. ┬áThe shoes collection is called SJP and it's not a luxury one, the prices starting from 300 … [Read more...]