10 fruits ideal for your diet

fruits-saladFruits contain sugar (even if it is natural sugar), some of them in an appreciable amount so they are not the best choice when you want to keep your silhouette. On the other hand there are at least 10 fruits ( that you can always have on hand, because ideal diet fruit number is much higher), which you can use with confidence in the diets.

The grapefruit: it is one of the fruits known for the benefits it brings to our health and one of the 10 ideal fruit for the diet. It is low in calories and contain vitamin C. Grapefruit is ideal for diets because it helps your metabolism and burns more fat better. You can eat at any time of day, but no more than two fruits per day.

Avocado: it is one of the richest fruit high in omega 9. The optimum amount is a quarter of fruit a day.

Lemon: there are some diet plans that include lemon as the main element of the diet. Lemon is one of the 10 precious and perfect fruit in the diet. Lemon has the ability to detoxify the liver, and although is acid once ingested becomes alkaline. Like grapefruit, lemon juice keeps the metabolism working all day long. You can try the cure of water with lemon, and constant consumption of lemon juice added to salads and other dishes.

Coconut: has more more calories than other fruits, but is extremely rich in fiber. It helps liver function and improves thyroid function. The best way to consume is shredding flesh with no other additives. The ideal amount is 2-3 tablespoons of coconut rasping per day, in the morning along with a product rich in probiotics.

Watermelon: rich in water and low in carbohydrates. It helps to detoxify the body and is an ally in the diets for weight reduction.

Pears: winter fruits, pears must not be miss from the diet, especially in the cold months. Rich in fiber, pears have more carbohydrates as other fruits and are indicated to be eaten in the morning. A small pear has about 85 calories, and a larger 135 and the ideal amount of daily consumption is one, two fruits.

Berries: both fresh and frozen fruits are equally good. They are rich in fiber and are powerful antioxidants. They’ll take several hours of hunger during the day compared to other fruits. Ideal at breakfast time, berries can also be eaten at any time during the day.

Orange: a medium sized orange has 60 calories. It is nutritious and  a big ally fro your health. Orange is one of the 10 ideal fruit in the diet. You can eat two oranges every day. Special recommendation is to eat whole fruit and avoid drinking orange juice, even if it is homemade.

Banana: is a true ally for your health. It is good to eat it in the morning, because it contains many fibers, as well as the pear. It will keep your tummy full and is a genuine help for your metabolism, your blood sugar and cholesterol.

Tomato: one of the best fruits to eat when you want to lose weight. They are rich in lycopene, antioxidants that help burn fat, while fighting against the free radicals. The tomato is as effective and as such  or after it was cooked , lycopene, the antioxidant content of red being activated by temperature.


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