The dissociated colors diet

The dissociated colors diet was invented by Dr. Willian Howard Hay in 1911 and therefore is called the Hay diet. Dr. Hay began his medical career in 1891 and after 16 years was diagnosed with Bright’s disease (causing liver damage). From that moment, he decided to preoccupied with what he eats and his health has improved considerably, to the astonishment of his doctors monitor progress. As a result, after many experiments, it has developed its own diet.

Hay says that the body stops working properly because of the following factors:
Excessive consumption of meat.
Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates.
Low or no knowledge about chemicals digestive system.
Consumption of excessive amounts of food.

Basic rules:

This diet has five basic rules:
1. Do not eat carbohydrates with proteins and acid rich fruits in the same meal.
2. Fruits, vegetables and salads should be the main part of this regime.
3. Eat limited amounts of protein, starch and fat.
4. Eat whole grains and avoid processed foods such as those made ​​from flour, sugar and margarine.
5. Take a break for 4 hours between meals.

The theory behind the diet:

Dissociated diet is based on the analysis of color mechanisms used to digest food.

The proteins must be digested in an acidic medium: when swallowing protein, the stomach produces hydrogen chloride to activate pepsin (an enzyme characteristic of the gastric juice) to divide, and digest the proteins. This process takes place in an acidic medium it is easily neutralized by the presence of starch and sugar coming from the alkali.

Because our body can digest carbohydrates, they must be present in an alkaline environment. This process begins in the mouth, with ptyalin (enzyme present in saliva) the begins to divide starch before it reaches the intestine where digestion begins.

So, if you consume more carbohydrates and protein mixed at one table, it will create an environment too acidic unable to reduce starch and too alkaline for the body to properly digest protein. Many of weight loss diets are based on the theory.

The food plan

This diet involves food grouping by color and their nutritional group. Thus the first three days of the diet are dedicated to the white food such as dairy products. Next three days are dedicated to green color and involves eating vegetables like peppers or cucumbers. Last day of the week is pink day when you can eat chicken or grilled fish.

Despite this diet seems fascinating, science tells us that a balanced diet is much better for our body.


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